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Lost Season 5 Episode 4: The Little Prince

lost1So once again Kate has found herself in legal trouble in this latest episode. upon first glance, one might think of times past in the last season where Kate was also in legal trouble, and at a point in the show where many fans were starting to wonder if Lost had lost it’s edge for good. Yet we were (surprisingly) actually treated to a great episode, albeit not quite as exciting as Jughead.

Juliet and Daniel are busy taking care of Charlotte, who’s passed out. While we’re not entirely sure what’s the matter, Faraday soon confesses that he thinks that Charlotte’s “internal mind clock” is thrown off by all the flashing around. Of course if that’s the case, why isn’t everyone affected? Dum dum dum…

Charlotte then wakes up, and while her head hurts she’s doin alright. Sawyer then decides that it’s time to head to the Orchid. Walking over to the beach, the group sees a shaft of light in the distance. A shout leads them to Claire, who’s giving birth….and not liking it much.

We also find out that Miles is having nosebleeds, and Daniel points out that the length of time on the Island is correlated with how quickly one starts to bleed. Miles says no wai, but Faraday points out “Are you sure about that?”

Locke and them get to the shore, and Juliet suggests her and Sawyer have a little chat about Kate. Sawyer says he was close enough to touch her, but no, “What’s done is done.” Hmmm. Then Juliet’s nose starts to bleed…everyone on the island is starting to leak like a broken faucet. Charlotte calls out tot he group by where they landed and theres some wreckage, with some writing on it that guessed it…French. It then cuts to a group of French people who stuck on a raft see a body floating nearby. It’s Jin, and they pull the body in. He’s not dead, and comes to while he’s tended to by…Danielle Rousseau.

So..we know that everyone is starting to have serious problems with this white flashy deal that sends them back and forth through time and they’ll all be toast soon…plenty of drama to go around!

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