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Lost Season 5 Episode 5: This Place is Death

lost2So the Oceanic Six is still at the marina, and then Kate learns about Ben being the one trying to split her and Aaron. Sun then subsequently bails out of the car after and points a gun at Ben, who then tells her about Jin, and that he can prove he’s still alive.  Ben goes on to explains that someone in LA can help them get back to the island. Unfortunately Kate and Sayid are not convinced, and Kate takes off with Aaron. Sun agrees to hear Ben out and they all hop in a van to see “her.”

They arrive at a church (yes, probably that church) and Ben gives Sun Jun’s ring. He also points out that they’re running out of time and they go in. Desmond comes around the corner and asks hey buddy what are you doing here? Eloise is there as well, and points out “I thought I said all of them” but obviously they’re not all there, so she says that’ll have to do.

Meanwhile on the island, Jin gets brought back to the shore with the other French peoples. He learns that it’s 1988 and volunteers to help the guys finding the source of transmission from the guy’s handheld. They quickly realize that one of their lot has fallen behind and when they go back they find her back by a tree (yes that tree) and then she falls out of the sky..yes falls. One of the others gets dragged off into the jungle. Smokey pulls the guy down into a crack in the rocks, and takes everything except the guys arm.

At this point there’s a flash, and Jin is alone now, although he still has the arm (gross). He heads over to the French camp and finds a pair of bodies and Danielle and Robert arguing. She shoots the guy right as Jin comes out of hiding, and then she tries to blow him away too.  Then of course, flash.

Jin gets up again and hears a gun cock behind him, except it’s not some crazy French lady, it’s Sawyer. Sawyer explains the the current situation. Charlotte goes all crazy again after another flash and Juliet starts bleeding as well as Sawyer. They get to the well with the orchid but a flash quickly gets rid of it and they head down the well. Unfortunately another flash comes and John falls and breaks his leg (OW). We’ll see how next week shapes up!

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