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Lost Season 5 Premiere Date

While we still may have no idea where the island went, we’re finally able to find out when we’ll be seeing again. It appears that ABC insiders have let us know that the fifth season of Lost will premiere with a three-hour premiere event. Much like the rest of the show’s cryptic nature, there wasn’t a huge to-do about the notice that there will be a lengthy premiere, just a quick note on the main site. It’s unknown why this was done, but a popular blog joked that “we are sure that the Dharma initiative is behind it.” When they called ABC to confirm the report, ABC answered just as cryptically that the lineup was not official…hmm.

Interestingly the three hour premiere will have quite a bit of information contained within it. The first hour will be a clip show, counting over all of the important happenings that we’ve seen so far. If you’re not-so-familiar with the series or your memory is a little hazy, this should help jolt you into the mood. It’ll then be followed by back to back episodes. They’ve even released a new trailer for the show, which you can view from their main site.

I’ve only recently picked up Lost and I’ve been pretty impressed with the show so far. I’ve been frantically trying to catch up before the premiere arrives, and so far I’m on pace (a few episodes a week) to get there. Thankfully for me covering the show and reading over spoilers is all well and good. Afterwards the show will continue on it’s normal schedule at 9pm on Wednesdays.

Will the Oceanic Six became to put their (seemingly many) differences aside and return to the island they barely escaped from? How will the go about finding their way back? Where the heck did the island GO to anyway? I’m hoping that at least some of these answers will be found in the premiere.

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