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Lost Season 5 Premiere

The season 5 premier of Lost has much to live up to after the amazing (in one viewers humble opinion) season finale that brought 4 to a close. The premiere itself is still a few months away, but it’s important to look at what we know so far and explore possible story lines that the premiere is likely to encompass. With that in mind, how much do we know?

Well, for starters, we know that Jack is going to have to return to the island and find out what happened to those that were left behind. This should prove to be an interesting adventure given that at the end of season 4 (SPOILER ALERT) the island has vanished and we’re left wondering well…how? Did it go to another time? Place? Some sort of immense under water facility? Good question. Of course Jack isn’t gong to go alone either, he’s going to need everyone from the “Oceanic six” to band together and find a way back. Given the differences and conflicts that have already risen in past season,s that should be a tall order in and of itself.

Back in July show creators gave us some hints about the upcoming seasons of Lost at the huge convention Comic-Con, as well as suggesting that they’ve come up with some new tricks related to the flashbacks/flashforward narrative that has defined the series. We also know that Lost is due to end soon, and so season 5 should begin to head down the final path to the season finale once and for all. While some shows like The Sopranos have ended in a gloriously anticlimactic fashion, Executive producers Lindelof and Cuse pointed out that they always saw the show as “a show with a beginning middle, and end.” and that as an audience we would “have the security of knowing that the story will play out as we’ve intended.” They also said securing the final episodes helped liberate their creativity and helped to tell the story of the show out properly and rediscover the overall focus. In other words, as Lindelof noted “We’re no longer stalling.”

As a result I think we’re going to get some more answers in season 5 as the show heads into the final count down towards it’s end. Of course with any show this hyped up and with legions of obsessive followers it’s unlikely that end will please everyone, but in February we’ll have a more concise picture of where the show will be heading.

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