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Lost Season 6 Episode Guide

lost episodeLost Season 6 will being in February but while we have to wait, the first nine episodes’ titles have been released.  The first two are titled Episode 1: LAX and Episode 2: LAX (2).  This will probably revolve around LAX when they left LAX to return to the island.  It will act as a summary of the things that have recently happened and maybe will elaborate on the intricacies of how they all got on the flights.

The next few are titled Episode 3: What Kate Does, Episode 4: The Substitute, and Episode 5: Lighthouse.  The third episode has to deal entirely with Kate and her character’s evolution.  This one could be good and very symbolic.  We know that she wants to love someone but feels like there isn’t anyone out there who deserves to love her.  The Substitute and Lighthouse episodes could deal with the statue.  They need to figure out that storyline and for some reason, I have that feeling about those episodes.

The next four are titled Episode 6: Sundown, Episode 7: Dr. Linus, Episode 8: Recon, and Episode 9: Ab Aeterno.  Ab aeterno is translated from Latin as “from the beginning of time.”  This episode could tie up a lot of loose ends as well as close the chapter on where the island actually came from.

While it might bum people out that we don’t know all the episode titles, it’s probably a good thing because it will keep us in suspense.  That feeling of suspense and not knowing what will come is what makes Lost such a great show.  Stories can turn in a heartbeat and we should enjoy every episode until the finale.

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