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Lost Season 6 Trailer

lost trailerTo tide you over before the season premiere of Lost in February, ABC has uploaded trailer videos.  Most of them are short clips but there are a few longer ones.  The couple 30-second clips are “Lost Returns” and “The Conclusion is Coming!”  These small clips are like slide shows and show major events throughout the series.

One place where you can watch the Lost Season 6 trailer is YouTube.  It is available in high quality and the link is  Right now, YouTube is the best way to watch the few trailers.  All of them are in high quality so you don’t have to worry about picture quality.  They include major storylines that will be wrapped up in final season.

As the premiere date nears, you can be sure that more and more teaser trailers come out.  Right now, ABC is building up the hype.  On their home website, the first video that automatically plays is a short clip with Willie Nelson singing.  It’s pretty moving and gets your juices flowing for Lost.

While there might not be many different trailers out there, if you’re really hardcore you can watch it over and over and over again.  You know some people will looking for easter eggs (small clues that they put into the show) so they can put it on the message boards and get people talking about theories and rumors.

Keep checking ABC and YouTube for the latest videos, clips, and trailers.  You can also be sure that they will show the trailers on ABC itself.

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