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Mad Men Season 3 Comes This Summer

In line with other shows like 30 Rock, Mad Men is one of those series that is constantly lavished with praise by critics, awards, and industry experts but can’t seem to break out of a rather small audience. As a result, the show has been on and off as to whether it will continue.

According to Charlie Collier, who’s the president over at AMC, the show will be continuing and the show will return for it’s third season as scheduled, even though there was a prolonged contract negotiation between the producer (Lionsgate) and creator Matthew Weiner (hahaha, I’m so 12 years old).”As long as we get the writers’ room up and running over the next few months, we’re fine (for a summer launch),” he said.

I’ll be the first to admit that I still haven’t gotten a chance to watch the show. It’s one of those that looks downright fascinating but I’ve been inundated with other work and watching other venues (my fiance did recently see Twilight after being an avid fan of the advice to you is don’t), but I do have some episodes awaiting my viewing pleasure and I’ll hopefully be able to pick up the show soon. I’ve actually been awaiting to hear the fate of the show before watching it, since there’s nothing I hate more than a great show that gets cut out too early and we end up with a half finished story. If Mad Men got the axe, I’d just as soon pas it over and let it go the way of the dodo. Thankfully, that doesn’t appear to be the case

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