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Make It or Break It Series Premiere

ABC family is searching and trying to add a new show to their lineup to bring in that teenage girl demographic and hoping to build a huge fandom that teenage girls are so fondly known for doing. And so with that hope, they are introducing a new show called Make It or Break It.

“Emily Kmetko’s dreams of becoming an Olympic gymnast inch closer to reality when she receives a scholarship to The Rock training center in Colorado. But her natural abilities and lower economic status don’t immediately make her any friends among the center’s elite, who include top gymnast Payson Keeler, beautiful Kaylie Cruz, resident hottie Carter Anderson and ultracompetitive Lauren Tanner, who would like nothing more than to see Emily head back to where she came from. Amidst the backstabbing and bonding, they’re teammates in name only, all in pursuit of what every gymnast competes for: a perfect routine.”

But the good news is– it looks like ABC Family may have done what they are looking for: created a family friendly show that attracts viewers young and old.

The LA Times reviewed the show, and the review is quite favorable. Some highlights from the review include:

“There are many familiar tropes in “Make It or Break It,”…

And that, along with the great shots of gymnastics, is what lifts “Make It or Break It,” written by Holly Sorenson, from the many girl-power, collective-touting message shows that fill the various kid-friendly venues. Even within the confines of their assigned stereotypes, each of the girls seems naturally complicated. Hobbs’ Emily is all angles and bangs and nail-bitten determination — she wouldn’t know TV sass if it tripped her in the middle of her floor exercise. But watching her hang on to one slim possibility — that she could be a gymnast — is to see that moment in every adolescent when the hope of an identity dawns.

Kell’s Payson, meanwhile, still hangs her hope on an orderly universe. When, realizing that things are not going to work out as planned, she says in despair, “But I did everything right,” her anguish will resonate with anyone who has thought that life’s vagaries could be controlled through planning and preparation. (Peri Gilpin plays her mother, which also promises great things.)

No doubt there will be many lessons about the importance of pulling together and being true to oneself, etc., but “Make It or Break It” seems prepared to take on not only the obvious Life Lessons but also the crucial undercurrents that move so many lives well into adulthood. And that, as much as the graceful wonder of gymnastics, will make it worth watching.”

2 Responses to “Make It or Break It Series Premiere”
Linda Vassilion - July 7th, 2009 at 8:08 am

Once again, Chelsea Hobbs really came thru with flying colors in this new, hip series! The scenario for the series is a new and refreshing change of pace! I know for a fact, I will not miss one espisode! Nice job everyone!
Raleigh, NC

kate - December 16th, 2009 at 10:05 pm

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