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Man Vs. Wild Believable Or Unbelievable?

With a name like Bear Grylls, you’d think he’s just a hardcore, superhuman capable of surviving any drop in the world with just a knife and a piece of flint.  Well, this is kind of true.  Airing on the Discovery Channel, Man vs. Wild features one Edward Grylls (nicknamed Bear) stranded in various places around the world left to fend for himself with his only way out being finding a local community to call for help.  At first I was completely naive.  I thought this guy had nothing, no water, no food, no help.  But after seeing a few episodes, he’s got a crew with him, along with necessities like water and probably a sat-com phone.

Not to be a spoiler though, the episodes are very cool and intriguing.  99.99% of us will never be in any of the situations that he finds himself in but just to see the process in which he would try and escape is very admirable.  Because he goes the extra mile to be uber-hardcore, some of the stuff is downright stupid and ridiculous.  But that’s part of the allure of the show.  Grylls, whose father is knighted, served in the Her Majesty’s Special Forces Reserve in the 21st Regiment.  He was nearly paralyzed in a free-fall parachuting accident that fractured three vertebrae, spending the next eighteen months rehabbing.

Probably the most famous of the Man vs. Wild episodes is the one with Will Ferrell where they were dropped off in Sweden.  The fourth season premiere also served as a promotion for Ferrell’s new movie Land of the Lost.  Trekking through the frozen wilderness, Ferrell tries to do the things that Grylls does, like make snowshoes and eat any food available.  Grylls does take it easy on him that episode and really the cold isn’t that bad.  As long as you can keep your extremities warm you’ll be fine.

In more exotic locations, he has trekked through deserts, rainforests, and mountainous regions.  In season three, he crossed the Baja desert located in the Baja penninsula of Mexico.  When he was foraging for food and collecting honey, he was stung by a bee, causing his face to swell severely and almost blinding him.  It was pretty crazy to see.  He’s also done a couple of survival guides to show people how to stay alive in extreme places.  He killed a snake, drank its blood, then gutted it, urinated in it and saved that to drink later.  That whole process was gross but it’s neat to see someone who does it, and not to mention that in survival, people will do anything to stay alive.

The grossest yet coolest parts of the show that aren’t embellished are when he eats stuff.  And when I say stuff, that being general and g-rated.  He’s eaten goat testicles, snake blood, yak eye, along with his fair share of innards and insects.  You can’t fake that on television and to see the guts and stuff pop out is so funny.  He always says that animal body parts are full of vitamins and protein, but you’d have to be wit’s end to eat that.

While some might continue to hate on Grylls saying that it’s not real, the show is still very educational.  I watch all the episodes and am a huge fan of his.

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