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Matthew Perry Discusses Some Old Friends and Mr. Sunshine

During a Q & A session at the Television Critics Association Press Tour for his new series, Mr. Sunshine, Matthew Perry took juggled some awkward questions from reporters about his Friends co-stars.

One reporter remarked, “All the Friends are sort of cooking along pretty well these days except, it seems, for David [Schwimmer].”

Matthew responded, “If he were here, would you say, ‘Except for Matthew?'”

To which the reporter replies, “It seems as if you and Matt and certainly Lisa and Courteney are all pretty darn successful on TV…and maybe I’m missing something with David…”

“Are we anywhere near a question?”, Matthew retorted.

“Do you ever see David, and has he talked to you about his goals?”, the reporter inquired.

To which Perry replied, “I have not seen David for a while but I would assume he’s doing exactly what he wants to be doing. He loves directing and he loves the theater, so he’s probably doing a bunch of that lame stuff.”

His answer got big laughs from the crowd and helped bring the conversation back around to his new show, Mr. Sunshine which co-stars Andrea Anders (Better Off Ted) and Allison Janney.

Matthew explained that he came up with the concept for the new show, about a 40-year-old sports-arena manager who realizes how alarmingly selfish he is, from his own personal life experience. “I’m sorry, is there anyone else in the room?” he joked. “I will say if you want the answer to that just pick up any newspaper from 1996. Look at any magazine cover. They say ‘write what you know’ so that’s an interesting road for someone to go on, to changing your behavior to being a better guy,” he further explained.

As for the challenges of letting go of Chandler Bing, Matthew joked, “You can tell how successful my movies are by the fact that I’m here. It’s an interesting dilemma. You want to do a lot of some of the old stuff ‘cause that was me too, but we want to expand on it somehow. I don’t think people want to see a character that’s night and day different than Chandler, but we want to do some different things.”

Mr. Sunshine is slated to debut on ABC in January.

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