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Michael Cera Signs On For Arrested Development Movie

michael-cera-young-arresteddev-img It’s a great day for TV fans. E! is reporting that Michael Cera has finally signed on for the Arrested Development movie. Before he made teenage girls swoon in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Juno, Cera was George-Michael Bluth, son of Michael (Jason Bateman), the moral compass of the Bluth family. All of the other AD lead actors-including Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, Tony Hale, Jessica Walter, Jeffrey Tambor and David Cross-had already signed on for the movie, Cera was the lone hold out.

When FOX cancelled the cult hit in 2006, there was speculation that the show may move to HBO or ShowTime but at the time producer Ron Howard had hinted at a movie, saying he could see it “as a movie rather than another series:” Then, last November, Jeffrey Tambor said the movie, “is a go.” Since then, rumors have swirled about the plot, the script and of course, the stars. The latest rumor was that Michael Cera was acting like a “diva” and refusing to commit to the project, guess that one has been proven wrong.

The most notable evidence that the movie is going to happen (some say as soon as the end of this year) was when Ron Howard told Ryan Seacrest Sunday, “It’s looking very much like we’re going to make [the movie], but we’ve now been asked to stop offering any details. It’s cloaked in a little mystery, but it’s looking good.” The Arrested Development movie will be just one in a line of many TV shows coming to the big screen since Sex and the City 2 is in the works and Veronica Mars: The Movie appears to be happening too. What TV show (current or past) would you want to see made into a movie?

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