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Michelle Bombshell McGee May Co-Host Celebrity Cheaters

It looks like Jesse James’ alleged mistress, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee is in talks to co-host a new show called Celebrity Cheaters, a spinoff of the syndicated reality series Cheaters, which follows jilted lovers who confront the lovers who have cheated on them.

“One of the first [Cheaters] cases that I ever had to turn down involved Ike Turner,” Cheaters executive producer Bobby Goldstein said, explaining the rationale behind a “celebrity” version of the show.

“Then, a few weeks ago, a colleague of mine in TV thought this [could offer] some utility for the young women who’ve found themselves cast aside by these gentlemen they’ve had these affairs with. I thought, let’s turn them into converts who are willing to preach the gospel, and have them restore their integrity.”

Goldstein says that Tiger Woods’ mistress Jamie Jungers may possibly fill the postion of McGee’s cohost. “I think that they met the demographic of what the audience is out there,” Goldstein says of the two ladies’ varied looks (one raven haired and tattooed, the other blonde and sex-kittenish). “I thought they were the best samples of what we’re dealing with. And they have a little bit of a broad variation between them.”

What do you think of the idea, would you watch Celebrity Cheaters?

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