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More Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won HoH Round One?

kevinAfter Kevin evicted Michele on last night’s Big Brother, the remaining house guests began the final three part HoH competition with an endurance challenge. Kevin, Natalie and Jordan had to hold onto a key dangling above them well standing on a log that intermittently rotated forwards and backwards. As if that weren’t bad enough, it also occasionally “rained”, “snowed” and blew cold air on them.

By the time Big Brother After Dark began last night, the three of them were soaking wet and had already been standing there for over two hours. Finally, after nearly four hours Jordan slipped off the log, losing round one of the HoH competition. Once she was inside, warming up and drying off, Kevin and Natalie started bargaining for who would drop off first.

Though Kevin has said in his diary room sessions he doesn’t want to take Natalie to the final two, he did promised her he would so she agreed to drop off first as long as he stayed true to his word. You could tell from watching the live show that they were both freezing, which Kevin eloquently expressed by shouting, “My testicles have shriveled up into my abdomen!” And even though Natalie told Kevin, the competition was “hers to win” I suspect she had enough of the rolling log too and probably wanted to get off without giving up so she threw the competition to Kevin, making him the winner of round 1.

What Kevin and Natalie aren’t taking into consideration with their final two deal is the possibility that Jordan could actually win rounds 2 and 3. Its unlikely based on her past performance, but not impossible.

Big Brother has done surprisingly well in the ratings this year, coming in at #2 for the summer. There are still two more rounds of the final HoH competition which will air live on Thursday night and next Tuesday a winner will be crowned.

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