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More Friends Stars Heading to ABC

friendsLike “Modern Family”, “Cougar Town” is bringing on some big name guest stars. ABC just confirmed one of them will be Courteney Cox’s “Friends” co-star Lisa Kudrow whose episode should air sometime early next year. Kudrow will play a dermatologist that Cox’s character continues seeing despite the fact that “the doctor is mean to me.”

This won’t be the first time Cox has brought on an ex-friend to guest star. You may remember an episode of her ill-fated series, “Dirt” in 2007 in which Jennifer Aniston came on to engage in a much hyped kiss with Courteney.

As for Kudrow, she is currently starring in an online series called “Web Therapy” which you can watch on She’s also an executive producer of NBC’s celeb-genealogy series “Who Do You Think You Are?,” which debuts later this season.

In other “Friends” news, Matthew Perry is also coming to the Alphabet Network in a news series that he will star in, produce and co-write. The comedy series will focus on a self-consumed 40-year-old manager of a second-rate sports arena. “We’re trying to do a show that’s really, really funny and can slow down and play some heartfelt moments,” Perry told EW.

And if you’re hoping for a “Friends” reunion it seems this might be about as close as you’re going to get. When asked if the “Seinfeld” reunion on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” has made him more interested in a “Friends”, Perry quipped: “Someone who executive produced or who starred in the show needs to be on a hilarious cable show for about eight years and then bring us all on and we’ll do it…. I think it’s much more fun to see them on screen that way than if we just did some Thanksgiving reunion like, “Hey, Monica! How ya been?”

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