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MP4 Players

The best way to approach MP4 players is think of them this way, if you have a device that fits in the palm in of your hand and plays video, it is most likely a MP4 player. This includes iPods, most 3G cell phones, and several other players now on the market. Most of these players can also be connected to a computer to making transferring video files easy.

MP4 is also known as MPEG-4 AVC, which is advanced video coding. The new technology makes video files smaller which also makes them easier to work with and support. It obviously makes transporting and playing video easier as well. A video that was once massive files of motion and audio and was difficult to transport is now compressed into one very small file. Here’s a look at the three of the best MP4 players on the market right now.

Apple iPods
The iPod Nano, Classic, and Touch all have the capability to play MP4. The only iPod that can’t play MP4 is the shuffle, the shuffle’s compact size does not allow for a screen and therefore it can’t play video. Most 3G phones also have MP4 capability, the iPhone included. The iPhone has all of the features that the iPod has which includes MP4 software to play video.

Sony PSP
The PSP is Sony’s portable version of the Playstation. This compact portable game system allows you to connect to the internet, play games, you can also transfer files form a PC, and even use Skype on the PSP. It, like the iPod also allows you to play high quality MP4 video.

Microsoft Zune
The Mocrosoft Zune, Microsoft’s portable audio/video player can also play MP4. According to their website, “you can configure the Zune software to be the default player for the MP4 video files.” Zune does get some criticism as a music player but its seems to have worked out many of its early glitches and is one of the better players on the market now.

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