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Neil Patrick Harris Talks Hosting The Emmys

neilCrave Online recently spoke to Neil Patrick Harris about his latest gig as Emmy host. The seemingly casual star of How I Met Your Mother shared his thoughts about what he envisioned for the ceremony. He told Crave, “I want the show to be as classy as it can be. My whole thing with hosting a show like that is to be as sharp. It’s like you’re hosting a big joint dinner party sort of Dean Martin style. So I feel like it’s not an opportunity for the host to show everyone how funny he is or how talented he is. It’s really to represent the show and to keep things at a tight clip and to let’s the audience see all these famous people in a different context, so I like the glamour element of it very much.”

Neil also thought that his experience hosting other shows would be an asset to him at the Emmys but admitted the key to success would be winning over the audience. “I think the key really is you have to sort of try to win the audience there, live, over, because they’ll in turn get your back and have your support for the rest of the show and for their laughs and their attention. But you also are talking really uniquely and specifically to the one person that’s at home, watching the show live.”

Neil also tried to explain or defend to new time shift for the show which means some categories will be edited out. “Well, I think the writing is uber-important. I have the utmost respect for them. I think there is a bit of a miscommunication about what the time-shifting thing means. I mean, it’s not like they’re happening on a different evening and they’re all going to all just be montaged together. We’re just trying to edit down the standing and the hugging and the getting through the aisle and the walking down the aisle, and quite frankly, the writers’ speeches are some of the best ones of the night. So we’ll be able to highlight them, if anything, more. There’s some boring parts of that that we’re just trying to trim down. So I did not know anything about petitions or showrunners being upset by that. I hope that they won’t be when they see what we end up doing. It’s certainly not out of a lack of respect or anything. It’s just so that we can show the best show we can to the audience.”

Did you watch The Emmys? Did you think Neil did a good job? Do you think he lived up to the high expectations he held for himself and the show?

If you missed it, you can catch up on all the winners and losers at

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