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Netflix Free Trial Offer

You have thought about trying an online rental service, but you just aren’t sure if it is for you. If you could only try it out you would be able to know for sure if you want to do it. If only there was some kind of a trial offer so you wouldn’t have to pay any money up front. Netflix does give people a trial offer. For two weeks, everyone can try the service out and see if it is right for them.

Sign Up

The Netflix free trial is really as simple as that. Go to their website and sign up. Give them your information, they will put you in the system, and you can start renting movies. You will have all of the benefits of a membership for two weeks without actually paying anything.

Browse the Catalog

Netflix has an extensive catalogue of movies. Chances are, if you can think of it, they have it. They are not like a brick and mortar store. They have a much bigger inventory than any video store could even imagine. You will be able to find old favorites, independent movies that you haven’t seen out before, and all of the new movies that you have been dying to see.

Watch and Return

During your Netflix free trial, you can rent, watch, and return as many movies as you want during that two week period. There is no limit to the entertainment you can have. There is no contract. You do not have to buy anything.

The End of the Trial

Now it’s time to sit back and think. Did you enjoy the Netflix service? Now that you have gotten a chance to try it out, is it something you want to keep? It’s up to you. You can either keep going with Netflix by allowing the company to charge your credit card the monthly fee (minus the two weeks of your trial period) or you can cancel it and not pay anything.

Netflix offers the free trial to show everyone what they are missing by not taking advantage of their online movie rentals. If you have yet to use Netflix, sign up for the free trial. It doesn’t cost a thing and it will be a great chance to catch up on some movies for free.

To get the Netflix free trial, go here.

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