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Netflix Launches Roku

Roku means many things to many different people. It means more competition in the business of online movie rentals. It means an easier way to stream video. It means that consumers can get even more for their money when it comes to renting movies. Most of all, Roku means that Netflix has managed to once again step ahead of the competition and come out with a product that is both affective and satisfying to their customers. What, exactly, does it mean for consumers?

The Service

This month, Netflix unleashed the newest weapon in its arsenal to beat out its competition. The Roku Netflix Player is a little box that sits by the television and can instantly stream movies to the TV. All consumers need is a subscription to Netflix and the box, and they are all set. The box is selling for $100, and it pays for itself rather quickly. After the box is purchased, consumers can rent all of the movies they want for their monthly subscription fee.

Benefit #1-Stream to the Television

Recently, Netflix began to allow customers that paid for the Netflix service to download movies to their PCs and view them instantly. With the Roku, the company has taken it one step further. The same movies are available for instant viewing, but now Netflix subscribers aren’t limited to watching the video on a PC. Now, with a few clicks, they can have the video sent to their television sets in a matter of seconds.

Benefit #2-Ease of Use

With over 10,000 titles to choose from, including movies and television shows, the Roku Netflix Player is truly in a class of its own. It offers Netflix subscribers near DVD quality video without the hassle. There is no waiting for the movie to come in. There is no standing in line at the video store. All the subscriber has to do is set the movie up in their queue for instant viewing, and it is sent to the Roku Netflix Player.

The Roku Netflix Player is perfect for customers who like the idea of instantly streaming video, but don’t want to crowd around their computer to watch movies. It allows for movies to be displayed on the TV, so the entire family can enjoy them. Plus, it is so easy to use that you don’t have to be a tech geek to use it.

To purchase the Roku Netflix Player, go here.

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