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Netflix on the iPhone

Technology truly is amazing, isn’t it? We’ve gone from rotary phones to push button phones, and then analog cell phones to digital cell phones. Now, another popular item today is the iPhone, and with that you can add an Apple application many are raving about called iFlix. iFlix is a nifty gadget that Netflix members seem to be going crazy over.

Whether you’re riding the bus or sitting in a doctor’s office, iFlix will allow you to manage your Netflix queue. Would you like to know what movies are being shipped to your door? No problem, just add your Netflix account to iFlix, sign in and check the “Recent” tab to see what movies you requested, as well as what movies you’ve returned, and what movies you currently have at home. That’s not all you can do with iFlix, though. Some other great features allow you to reorder moves, view descriptions of movies, view and change movie formats, check to see if a movie is safe for your children, view the ratings of movies, enter your own rating, browse through new releases, plus much more.

How about it, are you ready to take advantage of some more of our new technology that sometimes makes life simpler? If so, purchase iFlix for your iPhone from the Apple store at iTunes today. Then the next time you’re riding the bus or waiting for a nurse to call your name, you can keep yourself occupied with iFlix.

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