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Netflix on the Mac

Do you own a Mac? I do, and though I love it in a way usually reserved for family pets, I am and have been greatly aware of its limitations. No good games for the longest time, and very many other companies choosing not to release their software for the Mac. But now…

So go get the new Silverlight, the flash competitor from Microsoft. Then, if you haven’t already, go get Netflix. If you’ve already got it, you know you love it. If you haven’t, you know someone who has, or you’ve been inundated with ads on every website you’ve ever seen. Ten thousand screaming Elvis fans can’t be wrong.

As of a couple weeks ago there were over twelve thousand choices for the instant watching feature on Netflix and they’re sure to keep adding.

The most popular plan is the three movie at a time/ unlimited instant watch for seventeen dollars. Compare this to getting eight movies through the mail for forty dollars and you’ll recognize the savings. If there is a single company that can potentially slow the progress of P2P file-sharers, at least in terms of movie piracy, this is it. It’s not a real drain on the wallet, and it’s instant. Those are the two serious barriers between the average person and a movie. Piracy breaks down those barriers, so does this service.

Let’s keep in mind that this is for Intel Macs only, so any of you who still have an old Mac, if you’ve been putting off an upgrade, this might not be a good enough reason, but it can’t hurt. If you think about it, you may save the money in the long run to the tune of twenty bucks a month. If you finance your personal computing purchases, this might factor into the equation. To tell the truth, I’d recently duped my Netflix account, but with this news, started back up again. I really like being able to watch my movies without stealing, and without having to go through itunes. I always feel like they are stealing from me. So if you get a chance, go try it out. You can always cancel if you hate it, and I know you won’t. 

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