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Netflix on Xbox 360

I didn’t think it could happen, but it has. Netflix just got better. I’ve always been a fan of the service. I love getting my movies mailed to me so I don’t have to mingle with the other movie renters down at the local video store that still has the infamous “backroom.” I like the ease of use that Netflix offers me, along with affordability. Now, it is teaming up with the Xbox 360 in order to give viewers instantly viewable movies.

How it Works

Basically, the Xbox 360 is going to be like the Netflix Player by Roku. Users will be able to access their Netflix account and immediately stream movies through their Xbox. Users can have immediate access to over 10,000 movies, and that number is currently growing.

Why It Should Be Better than Roku

On the technical side, it is going to be about the same as the Roku. However, there are hints that it might be a little bit better.

For starters, owners of an Xbox 360 won’t have to pay the $100 to purchase the Roku. However, they will have to pay a yearly fee of $50. Still, that’s not bad at all for unlimited streaming.

Second, the Xbox 360 is going to have a movie sharing feature. If you want to watch a movie with your friend who lives somewhere else and he also has an Xbox, you can both stream the movie onto your Xbox and watch it together. If he pauses it, it will also pause on your screen. That will allow for some more of that virtual togetherness that the internet age has brought us.

Release Date

Netflix has confirmed that this partnership will begin in late fall. With fall approaching, it should not be long before Netflix allows streaming on the Xbox.

Netflix is doing a great job of staying ahead of the competition. Instead of allowing its closest competitor to catch up, they keep blowing everyone away by adding more features. That is why Netflix is the best video rental provider available to the public.

For more information about Netflix or to sign up for the free trial, click HERE.

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