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Netflix Roku Review Roundup

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The reviews are in. All of the major companies that review equipment have voiced their opinions on the Netflix Player by Roku. We have decided to compile a list of the reviews done by the best sites so you can get a better idea of what you will get with the Netflix Player by Roku.


CNET gave the player 7.7 out of 10. On the bad side, CNET was not happy with the small amount of titles that the Netflix Player by Roku offers. However, they did note that more titles will be added. CNET feels that the player is a good gadget to have in order to get the instant gratification that so many people crave.

Tech Crunch

When Tech Crunch reviewed the player, they agreed with CNET. They were incredibly pleased with the service, and hopeful that soon more titles will be added to the selection. For now, though, they say it is definitely worth the $100 for the box.

PC Magazine

PC Magazine is pleased with the Netflix Player by Roku, although they are unhappy with the selection of movie titles available. As you can see, that is the standard theme in the reviews. They also cited some streaming difficulties with slower connections, but they were mainly pleased with the player and felt it would be a nice addition to movie lovers’ homes.

PC World

The reviewers at PC World were very pleased by the ease of use of the Netflix Player by Roku. They were able to set the player up quickly and begin streaming movies. They were also surprised by the picture quality the player offered. They claimed the picture quality was much like digital cable.

Tech News World

Tech News World gave a mixed review of the Netflix Player by Roku. They were happy with the ease of use. The interface is increadbly user friendly. However, like all reviewers, they were upset with the movie selection. Also, they said that the video quality changes without reason.

Over all, reviewers are very pleased with the Netflix Player by Roku. However, Netflix is going to have to raise their selection of titles in order to keep users interested.

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