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Netflix Roku Review

The Roku Netflix Player is an outstanding addition to any living room. It cuts out the hassle of movie rentals by taking out the middle man. Never again will you be stuck on a weekend with nothing to watch. Never again will you have to wait for the mail, hoping that your movie came in. With the Roku Netflix Player, you can stream movies from your Netflix Instant Queue directly to your television set.

Netflix Instant Queue
Netflix recently added the feature of the Instant Queue. The Instant Queue allows users to download movies for instant viewing. As soon as a movie or television show is sent to the Netflix Instant Queue, users can stream it to their televisions via the Roku.

More Movies, Same Price

Is your movie budget killing you? Are you sick of paying $5 for one movie, and having to get it back within twenty-four hours? With the Roku Netflix Player, the only cost is the price of the box and your regular Netflix subscription fee. Rent all of the movies you want, download all of the movies you want, and the only additional cost is the one time fee of $100 for the player. That is a great deal for movie lovers.

Widescreen or Standard Screen-You Pick

With a toggle located on the Roku Netflix Player, users have the option to view their movies in widescreen or standard screen format. That is a great feature for those who don’t have widescreen television sets. Most DVD rentals are only available in widescreen format, so this is a bonus feature for Roku Netflix Player users.

Watch a Complete Television Series

These days, customers that want to catch up on past television series like to do it via movie rentals. The Roku Netflix Player makes that easier than ever. Television series are usually divided into several different discs, with several episodes per disc. The Roku Netflix Player allows users to watch seasons in their entirety by putting each disc of the series in their instant queue. That way, users don’t have to wait for the next disc to arrive in the mail when they are already involved in a show.

It’s Only Going to Get Better

Right now, the Roku Netflix Player is in its introductory phase. While it has been incredibly impressive thus far, it is going to get even better. Roku and Netflix have promised even better picture quality. Currently, the picture quality is very good, although it is not quite as good as the picture quality on a DVD. Also, Netflix is in works to get even more titles available for instant download. They are not stopping with the 10,000 titles they already have. It is their plan to continue to add movies to meet the needs of everyone.

You Can Still Rent DVDs

Try out the Roku Netflix Player. You can still rent your DVDs and have them mailed to you via Netflix. Getting the Roku Netflix Player will not affect your subscription at all. That’s another reason to give the Roku a try. You won’t be loosing anything. In fact, you will gain access to 10,000 with the click of a mouse.

The Roku Netflix Player is going to transform the way we think of entertainment. With movies right at our fingertips, the demand for the video store will lessen. The Roku Netflix Player allows affordable, unlimited entertainment in all of our homes.

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