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New Cable Series On Deck

It looks like there’s a number of new shows coming out, primarily of the reality show variety, that were announced late last week by a number of networks. I don’t know if you know who Billy Mays is for example..but if you’ve ever seen an Oxiclean commercial…some kind of insurance, or “mighty mend it” then chances are you’ve seen his face. He’s the ruler of all things infomercial these days, and he’ll be on a new reality show on the Discovery Channel. The show revolves around inventors who believe they have a great new product and our friend Billy is brought in to help them out. Wow.

Discovery will also be airing a drama called Dallas DNA, which premieres on April 28. The show follows the DA’s office, whos tasked with the job of re-examining hundreds of petitions made by inmates looking to get DNA testing and additional investigation into their convictions. At the very least, that one looks fairly interesting.

If you’re a Nascar fan, TLC will be airing a documentary series of it’s own that follows, as you may have already guessed, Nascar Wives. The show aims to follow the day to day living of life on the racetrack and “will give an unprecedented look at what happens on and off the track.”

Looking over this, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are more reality shows on TV than I could ever hope to track or care about. In a way this works to my advantage since I don’t watch reality TV, but I keep abreast of bold and new in the industry anyhow, hoping that maybe something will strike my fancy one day.

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