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New China Channel

This past Friday, DirecTV launched a 24-hour Chinese channel called Charming China.  The channel, which is quite popular and large in its home country, will provide popular Mandarin entertainment from nine subsidiary channels.  The differing programming will feature entertainment news, talent shows, celebrity interviews, and other miscellaneous programming from Hunan TV, Jiangsu TV, and Beijing TV.

“With the launch of this exclusive new channel, our Chinese viewers will be able to enjoy the best and newest programming from all over China,” said Mutaz Alshuaibi, director, DirecTV International. “DirecTV offers culturally relevant content and captivating Chinese programming that is unlike any other content available in the U.S. market.”  While most of us Americans might not blink at this new channel, it is a shrewd move on DirecTV’s part.  China makes up almost 20% of the world’s population and there are 3.6 million Chinese Americans.  While not all of the naturalized Chinese people speak Mandarin, it is a large enough market to tap in to.  There is so much money over there and savvy business people and investors might see this as an opportunity.

At the same time though, this is a double-edge sword.  Once we let the Chinese into our programming, it will be tough to get them out.  They are trying to gain world power as well and by allowing DirecTV into their entertainment stream, China will begin to branch out and gain more power.  I believe that they are the next world superpower and while the number of channels does not determine it, it is just another way they can sell their propaganda to the world.

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