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New Details on the NCIS Spin-Off

chris_odonnellThe insanely popular “NCIS” is spawning a spin-off next season. The pilot for the new show will premiere as an episode of “NCIS” this spring. If you remember, “NCIS” started out as an episode of “JAG” so it seems the show is coming full circle. Here’s the scoop on a few of the new characters that will be introduced on “NCIS” in the coming weeks and the actors lined up to play them.

Callen is a seemingly average Joe in his 30s but there is more to him than meets the eye. He’s actually a human transformer who easily slips from one persona into another. Chris O’Donnell is in talks to play Callen, the lead character of the new series.

Clara Macy is “a tough former MP in her early 40s whose tender side shows in the way she plays mother hen to her colleagues.” Louise Lombard, who recently appeared on “CSI”, is set to play Clara.

Nate “Doc” Getz, 30, is a psychologist who is a big old softy under his razor-sharp wit. Peter Cambor (“Notes From the Underbelly”) will play Doc in the new series.

Kensi Lo is “a twentysomething Asian-American whose academic record in forensics and criminology got her recruited young by the Feds.” A relative newcomer, Daniela Ruah, will play the bright-eyed and enthusiastic young recruit.

Sam Hanna, an African American Navy SEAL is the team’s only married member. He also recently completed stints in Afghanistan and Iraq. LL Cool J is rumored to be playing the part of Sam. Based on the character’s description, he seems like a good fit.

Dominic Vaile is a surveillance expert who’s dealing with some issues after his recent exit from the Navy. There has been no word on who will play Dominic but they’ll have to find someone soon since the “NCIS” season will be winding down in just a couple of months.

Let us know what you think. Do you think this is a solid line-up? Are you looking forward to an “NCIS” spin-off? Do you think the show will do well?

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