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New DirecTV DVR with Tivo on its way

During the second half of 2009, DirecTV customers can expect to see a new HD DirecTV DVR with Tivo service. Because I’m not a DirecTV customer, I won’t say much on the topic. However, I have been looking at DirecTV’s packages and am considering subscribing to their service. Neither DirecTV nor Tivo has disclosed any details about the financial terms of their deal thus far, but once they reveal what the price will be to new and existing DirecTV customers, I might consider the new DirecTV with Tivo if the price is right.

My work and personal life keep me so busy that I don’t get the chance to tune in to my favorite television programs as often as I’d like, but when I do have free time on my hands, I catch up with the programs I missed by watching them on the Internet. With that said, if I were to become a DirecTV customer and invest in the new DirecTV DVR, I’d strongly consider adding the Tivo service so I could record my favorite programs to watch online later. Furthermore, Tivo has many other features I wouldn’t mind taking advantage of — features that I believe are a perfect fit for my busy life.

Are you a DirecTV customer? If so, what are your thoughts on the new DirecTV DVR with Tivo? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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One Response to “New DirecTV DVR with Tivo on its way”
rpsmith - September 17th, 2008 at 8:02 am

I curently own 3 of the old directv hr10-250 HD tivos that have been upgraded with 1TB drives. They are great machines, but they are missing all the new tivo features. I cannot wait until I can get the latest HD directivos!!!!

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