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New Reality Dating Show Coming to NBC

Get ready to watch as 32 single women compete for the attention of three single guys and their overprotective mom’s in the new reality dating show entitled Momma’s Boys. Oh yes, it should definitely be entertaining to see which of the 32 women try to kiss up to mom and who will stand up to her. What will be even more interesting to watch is how mom will handle the women and if the sons will be so eager to please their moms if the moms pick a woman their sons aren’t that impressed with.

Can we expect fights and jealousy among the women? It’s certainly possible, because according to the press release from NBC, Momma’s Boys will not only be intense and emotional, but they say there will be showdowns, rivalries and even personal moments between the moms and their sons. What kind of women can we expect? Well, from what I’ve read, some are the nice girls that guys would want to take home to meet their moms, and some are not so nice. Of course, we should have expected that, right?

The executive producers of Momma’s Boys are Ryan Seacrest, host of American Idol, and Andrew Glassman from Average Joe. Momma’s Boys is scheduled to air their debut episode on Wednesday, October 29 at 9:00 pm/ET, so be sure to tune in for the drama — maybe we’ll see a few catfights, too.

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