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New Virgin America Red Channel Lineup

redVirgin America, the still relatively new airlines that operates in the states, was best described by my sister as the “flying nightclub”.  Personally I have never flown with them but she said all the lights were glowing and they were all sorts of crazy colors.  Virgin America has announced its new television lineup for its in-flight entertainment for it’s Red Platform.  Once solely JetBlue’s domain, Virgin now has the largest programming lineup in the air.  The Red Platform utilizes DISH Network’s capabilities of live programming with not only television but also about twenty-five movies as well.

The list of channels include Bravo, CNN, Comedy Central, Disney, ESPN (4 of them), FX, Syfy, The CW, TNT, and USA just to name a few.  Sir Richard Branson’s American company goal is to “re-think the typical domestic flying experience for the better, constantly asking our guests to provide feedback on what’s working, what’s not and what we can do better.”  What better way to keep fliers calm and in their seats than by hypnotizing them with television.  The VP of marketing said that they want to improve on what the fliers actually want.  He also went on to say that, “we’re also pleased to add The CW, which will premiere Fly Girls, a docu-series following the lives of five Virgin America in-flight teammates in 2010.”  So…great.  Not only can we watch television in the air but we can also watch a reality show about the airlines that we’re on right now.  That might be almost as surreal as that JetBlue flight that had the landing gear problem and the passengers in the plane were watching coverage about THEM from their seats.

Look for more airlines to hook up with satellite companies in the future to bring live entertainment to travelers.

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