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New Webisodes for Heroes

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been pretty pleased with the webisodes that were made available, aptly titled the “Destiny” series. It was short and to the point, and their ability to develop a cohesive storyline was a bit hard in 5 minute stints, but it was still interesting and we got to see different aspects of other Heroes with new and unusual powers.

Apparently the shows creators have echoed our support of additional webisodes as well, and we’ll actually being seeing a new series in the near future called “The Recruit.” Fleshing out another part of the Heroes universe, the installment will star a military personnel named Taylor Cole. Cole is a Marine who, along with about 49 co-soldiers, are recruited by Pinehearst. Their purpose? To test a power-giving serum that will allow them to hunt down and capture/kill others out there. The story seems strangely similar to the last X-Men movie.

The show will also have a Heroes regular that we’ve all seen before, Cristina Rose. A preview of the series shows us a glimpse of the marines training and why they’ve been brought in. As we might expect, the Heroes out there are considered dangerous and a threat to society, and so they bring in these recruits in order to keep them under control. We also find out that some of the serum has gone missing. Gone missing, possibly, to find a “cure,” whatever that happens to mean. We also find that the stolen serum is an inferior formula, but there’s definitely more to this story than meets the eye.

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