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New York Goes to Work: Series Premiere

New York is back, and she’s headed to work. Oh, you might be wondering exactly who New York is, why you should care that she’s going to work, and why in the world doesn’t she have a job already? 

Yeah, I might be too if it wasn’t for my prior confession to loving trashy TV. New York is also known as Tiffany, one of the final contenders in the first season of Flavor of Love. After being dumped by Flavor Flav, New York returned on the second season. Notice a pattern? Yes, she was dumped again. So what’s a self respecting drama monger to do? Well, get your own reality love show on VH1, of course! So New York took to the screen in I Love New York. Sadly, New York just didn’t seem to be cut out for a relationship, and now she’s back, trying her hand at something new: a job. 

New York Goes to Work seems to be a bit reminiscent of Dirty Jobs, with a lot less Mike Rowe and a little more histrionics. 

New York is learning that there isn’t much money to be made when you are an out of work actress, so she has to find it another way. That’s when you come in, America. You submit the ideas for where New York should work, and she does it. 

Beyond the fact that’s she’s garnering more fame from another show on VH1, you might be wondering: why in the world would she want to do this? And you bet your bottom dollar, there is something in it for her. So what exactly? What is making New York try some of the “dirtier” jobs? 

Money, of course! To the tune of $10,000. For each job that she performs well, her employer has the opportunity to reward her with a $10,000 bonus. But if she gets fired, quits, or doesn’t complete the job, she gets nothing (well, humiliation, but I don’t think she’s a stranger to that!). 

So hey, if you have nothing to do tonight, make sure you tune in the VH1. I can’t promise that it will be quality TV, but it will be a laugh.

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