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NFL RedZone Free Week 4

RedZoneNFL Network has announced that for Week 4 of the NFL, it is making the RedZone channel available for DISH Network, as well as several other digital cable providers.  DISH Network’s allows viewers to jump from game to game, seeing key moments in games in live HD.  RedZone also features fantasy stats and player updates.  The free preview is available on Sunday, Oct. 4th.

Officials at NFL Network are trying to gain even more viewers by allowing different providers to offer this service.  It’s a great idea to build upon an already loyal and immense viewing party.  Not only will this spur sampling but also potentially drive more purchases, especially in the satellite market.  “The verdict is in…sports fans are calling NFL RedZone a ‘must-have,'” said Derek Harrar, general manager and senior vice president of video services for Comcast, in announcing the MSO’s promotional play.  “Since the debut was an instant hit, we’re opening up the channel to all our digital customers so they can experience the intense live action only available on NFL RedZone.”

Of course Comcast, which provides RedZone in its sports package, will offer the free preview to all of its digital-cable customers but ONLY during the early games starting at 1/12 pm.  Honestly, that’s pretty lame considering all the other providers will cover all the games excluding Sunday and Monday night football.  But that’s just Comcast being Comcast.  Of course, they stand to make $5 from every viewer because there’s a catch.  Unless you have the sports package, you won’t be able to get RedZone without a subscription.  You can call and activate it and then deactivate it the next day, but it puts a damper on the “free preview” feeling.  Comcast is actually making you pay $5 for three hours of football coverage.  It could be worth it to sports junkies and fantasy football managers, but it might also make Comcast subscribers jump ship and switch to DISH Network.

The perk to the package, if you decide to get RedZone, is that you can switch to ANY NFL game you want.  That is a luxury that cable providers can’t match.  This is slowly trickling down to the college level as well.  ABC carries Saturday games regionally and sometimes you’re also stuck watching two teams in a pillow fight rather than seeing a top team showdown.  The subscription prices might look expensive, but if you sit in front of your television both Saturday and Sunday and watch four games each day, you’re looking at your dollar going a long way.  The NFL Network along with DISH Network is looking to provide viewers with unique coverage, as well as catering to us.

So tune into your satellite or digital cable provider for the RedZone free preview.  Along with DISH Network, other NFL RedZone carriers include: Verizon’s FiOS, AT&T’ U-verse, RCN Corp., Blue Ridge Communications, Service Electric, Buckeye Cable, Nex-Tech, Mid-Tel Cable and Dakota Central Telecom.  Chances are viewers will not be disappointed.  Furthermore, DISH stands to benefit from this free preview.   Satellite providers are always looking for more subscribers and any carrot they can dangle in front of viewers to help coax them to their side is a logical economic venture.

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