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NFL Sunday Ticket 2008

It’s a common complaint of NFL football fans. The best games are out of network, and the out of network games are not televised in your area. If you are sick of catching up on the game by watching Sports Center, sign up for the NFL Sunday Ticket with DirecTV. You won’t have to worry about missing an NFL game again, even if it is out of network.

Up to 14 Games a Week

You don’t have to worry about just catching the most popular matchups. Maybe you cheer for the underdog, and the underdog doesn’t make it to the television screen very often. With the NFL Sunday ticket you will get up to fourteen games a week. That means you will even get a chance to see your favorite team, that hasn’t seen the Super Bowl since leather helmets went out of style.

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Vs. Cable

It is no contest. DirecTV blows cable away when it comes to NFL football. Cable viewers can expect to see around four games a week. DirecTV brings an average of ten more games a week, which means that NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers can watch over 200 games a season. That’s like having season tickets to every NFL team.

NFL Season Ticket Super Fan

What if you want to watch in HD? There is a separate NFL Sunday Ticket package for you, with all of the things that the regular season ticket package has, and then some.

Game Mix

Sometimes, there are just too many games on to focus on one. If you have HD, you can get Game Mix with the NFL Sunday Ticket. With Game Mix, you can watch eight games on one screen.

Also, the Super Fan package broadcasts almost every game in HD, and you will also get the Red Zone channel in HD.

You can’t call yourself a football fan unless you watch the games. Recaps on the news are not even close to the same as watching the games, play for play. If you are truly an NFL fan, take advantage of the most powerful NFL football package to hit television sets.

To get the NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV, click HERE.

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