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Nip/Tuck Reality

A couple of weeks ago, Nip/Tuck ended on FX, culminating in its 100th episode being its last.  It had a great run and for anyone who was a fan, it was definitely one with many twists and turns.  While I thought it was a slightly strange final episode, it was a perfect ending for what was truly a unique series.  It was really the first show in recent memory that pushed the TV-MA rating, showing sex and allowing swear words.  Also, the change of venues from Miami to Los Angeles helped the series to stay afloat for a couple of years while writers figured out how to tie up the series.

The trademark “tell me what you don’t like about yourself” was not only a question asked by Drs. McNamara and Troy to their clients, but also to the viewers as well.  It seemed like each episode resonated with me on some sort of personal level, no matter how extreme it was.  Sure each episode of every show has some sort of theme, but rarely does it have a theme related to the morality of a person and also is channeled in an entertaining way.  The title is so fitting, they were always nipping and tucking not only their client’s looks, but also their own lives.

Two best buddies who went into business together of making people feel better about themselves—sounds like everyone’s dream job.  To work with your friend, make lots of money, hook up with the hottest women in the city.  But were they really happy?  The show delved into their feelings for one another and while they had everything, at the same time they had an emptiness inside of them.  Christian never really had a great relationship with any woman due to his playboy lifestyle and his own self-loathing.  Sean was married to Julia but resented her for caring for their children.  Sure he loved her but Julia periodically messed around with Christian, giving rise to sexual tension.  Christian always wanted what Sean had and was unbelievably selfish.  In S&M, there’s always a dominant and a submissive and in this case, Christian was the dominant.

The show also goes into the complexities of modern day life.  The definition of “family” has gone from a husband, wife and two kids to men and women having out-of-wedlock children and cheating on each other.  That’s just the sign of the times and the show encompassed that perfectly.  Matt, which ultimately was Christian’s son with Julia, was a total loser right from birth and showed that he would never change.  Kimber, Christian’s on and off again wife, was a porn star desperate for any attention and was the definition of trailer trash.  No matter what events transpired in any of the characters’ lives, they always reverted to who they were.  Beneath all the plastic surgery and the “I’m going to change” claims, you always knew that in the end, it was all about themselves and finding the right result to suit their needs.  No matter how much they “nipped and tucked” it didn’t matter because the crux of a person is everlasting.

The show was so screwed up at times which was part of the reason why it was so addicting.  You knew that at the end of each episode there would be a twist and an a-hole move pulled by someone.  It was a truly ingenious show and one that will be missed by many.  That being said, the first episode of Justified aired the other day and it could be the next hit for FX.

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One Response to “Nip/Tuck Reality”
Maggie Scarborough - March 18th, 2010 at 5:01 pm

I just got “hooked” on this program this year and now, it’s over. Though it was hard to watch sometimes, I really thought it was a great show and I will miss it. I’ll watch the re-runs till I catch up to where I was today (the final show). It was a great ending and the Art Garfunkel song made me know it truly was THE END.

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