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One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 5

season7promo Season 7 of One Tree Hill is definitely trying to rock the Naley boat that I so know and love. Can’t help but want to yell at you, CW! Can’t they ever just be happy and healthy and a family? But then again, it’s television, not reality.

So here is this chick, Renee. And she says she is pregnant and it’s Nathan’s baby. Who knows if she’s telling the truth.

The episode kicks off with Haley, watching the replay of the loving slap she gave her when she was talking about what a great time she and Nathan had, making love and how Nathan loves that she does everything that Haley wouldn’t. Hey, I would have slapped the B too, pregnant or not.

The police come to arrest Haley for assault and battery.  While in the pen, Renee comes to visit Haley. Haley managed to get some quips in, gotta love that girl. Renee says she’s dropping the charges. She shouldn’t have gotten mad at her. Renee says she doesn’t believe her but it’s true. She knows she’s trying to protect her but she is too. Renee swears that she’s pregnant by Nathan and gives Haley her phone number. She tells her to check out the old cell phone  bills and she will see that number. Later, Haley does just that and to her dismay, the number is there.

We have no idea what happened between Clay and Quinn; we just watch them eat breakfast. She asks if he learned to cook just for girls. He says pretty much. Clay’s phone rings and she asks if it does that all the time. He says it’s business and she checks and it’s all girls. He looks at hers and it’s all from David. They agree to turn their phones off.

Nathan leaves a voice mail on Clay’s phone. Jamie says Quinn isn’t home.

Mouth is in an archival room, after being removed from the air because he refused to report the Nathan gossip. His boss comes in and says he’ll be a real reporter when he’ll report the stories they give him.

Millicent runs in to Clothes Over Bros. Brooke runs and hugs her. She shows her great reviews online. Millicent gets upset at the negative comments. Brooke asks her to model full-time.

Julian shows up at Alex’s hotel room. Alex only has a shirt on and he tells her to get dressed. She comes back in wonderwoman underwear and shows Julian. Julian tells her to put more clothes on. As Alex and Julian go over the script, they discuss the sex scene. He says it’s not realistic that a girl would just take her clothes off for no reason and throw herself at a guy. She leaves and comes back with no clothes on and asks if he can see it happening now. Julian puts a pillow on her and packs his things up. He says I thought you would take it seriously but it’s my mistake and leaves.

Clay and Quinn arrive at Nathan’s. Nathan meets them outside and tells them about Haley. He tells Quinn to watch Jamie.

Clay tells Nathan and Haley that they should have a press conference. Press conference takes place in front of the river. Nathan says Haley isn’t coming. Nathan says it doesn’t look good that he’s sleeping with Quinn. She’s married to a guy that he really likes. Clay says nothing happens. Nathan doesn’t believe him. Clay says he thought he’d understand. Clay says let’s just focus. Nathan says if he could distance himself from Renee he would. Clay can and should. He tells him to stay away from her. Haley shows up and says they face things together. Nathan thanks her. At the podium, Nathan says he loves his family. Nathan says he’s always prided himself on being an honest man that takes responsibility for his actions. Nathan says they can depend on him and he can be trusted. Haley speaks at the conference and says she believes her husband and stands by him 100%.

At the new station, Mouth watches the reporter report on Nathan’s press conference.

Brooke walks in and takes her clothes off and Alex walks up and says I told you it was realistic. Julian tells Brooke him and Alex worked everything out.

Nathan calls Clay and asks if he’s seen Quinn and he says no. They show Quinn beside Clay on the couch. Clay tells her she can stay as long as she wants. She asks what people would say if they knew there was a girl staying at his place that he wasn’t sleeping with. He says no one would believe it.

It was an interesting episode. Can’t wait until next week!

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One Response to “One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 5”
darci - October 13th, 2009 at 6:50 pm

I really loved that they opened the episode with the song “Houses” by Great Northern…such a good song, and it has that cool propulsive beat that really wants to kickstart things. I think the music
on One Tree Hill has kind of been going downhill lately, so I was glad to hear this great song.

There’s a video on YouTube of the whole intro at :

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