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Paris Hilton’s My New BFF Season Finale

Paris Hilton is gorgeous. She’s an heiress. She’s tried to be a television star that fell a little short when featured on “The Simple Life” with ┬áNicole Richie. She can sing (or well, she certainly enjoys to sing). MTV decided that she definitely needs a show. I mean, after all, how can she find a BFF without one (and for those of you who are scratching your heads right now and wondering what a BFF is, don’t even THINK about turning on MTV. Ever).

So in this second season of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, she’s sent them to prison, had them play with screaming little Paris dolls, had them bare their hearts, and now it’s time to pick a winner.

The two finalists are set to battle it out and win Paris’ heart. Will they do it?

Stefanie Fritz
Tiniecia Goldsmith

So, who are the finalists? And why in the world would they want to be her BFF?

Stefanie Fritz is a┬ámodel that also plays in a lingerie football league back home in Florida. Stefanie Fritz didn’t grow up with many luxuries and has had to overcome a lot of strife within her family, but it’s made her the girl that she is today.

Tiniecia Goldsmith is a model and a waitress from Houston, Texas. She’s down to earth, and was interested in really meeting Hilton, especially after viewing the first season.

Check out the season finale and see who walks away the winner!

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