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Primetime: Family Secrets

America, we just love secrets, don’t we? And we love to be in the midst of other people’s secrets. Our own drama? No thanks, I don’t want that. But other people’s drama? Oh, gimme some.

Sad to say, ┬ábut it’s true. Why do we think that reality television works so well? Besides the fact that it’s cheaper.

A sort of subseries of the popular “Primetime” newsmagazine, “Primetime: Family Secrets” focuses on the shocking secrets families keep, going behind closed doors to ferret out hidden issues such as child abuse and teen pregnancy. Reporters also look at why and how such secrets are kept, and what happens when the truth eventually surfaces.

It looks like tonight’s premiere episode will focus on teenage pregnancy and the results of the pregnancy and consequences in the teen’s life. Hopefully, this show will take a more newsy approach and less of a dramatic approach.

One thing that struck me when checking out the page: “Teenage pregnancy is on the rise and no one seems to know why.” Really, ABC? REALLY?

Without getting all political or up on my high horse, c’mon now. Let’s be real and honest if we are going to claim that this is a news worthy subject and that reporters are going to be doing something ground breaking.

Anyway, this show will be airing tonight. It will feature the story of Hannah, a girl who was from an upper middle class neighborhood and was quite popular. The spin on the story is (for some reason) that something like that never happens to girls from her community.

I hope that this show is really honestly reported and it’s not just a further exploit of teen mothers and unplanned pregnancies.

If you are interested, it will air tonight on ABC.

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