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Prison Break Series Finale

It may be no surprise to some that Prison Break is coming to an end after four seasons. As a matter of fact, I was confused how it went on to have a second or third season. It seemed pretty cut and dry to me– he goes to jail and then he breaks out… 

I think that critics and fans alike will admit that the well of the show has run dry, quite some time ago. After an amazing first season, complete with an interesting and exciting plot, the show slowly came to a screeching, almost painful halt. 

 The series revolves around two brothers; one has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, and the other, a genius, devises an elaborate plan to help his brother escape prison. 

The fourth season started with Michael still reeling from Sara’s “death” and determined to avenge her. Michael also learns the truth about Whistler. While heading back to Chicago to look for Sara, Michael is arrested and recruited by the Department of Homeland Security agent, to help bring down the Company in exchange for his freedom. Before the show took a mid season break, it was revealed that Michael and Lincoln’s mother wasn’t dead after all. Just a little fake out, right? Taking it even further, Michael then learns from his mother that Lincoln is not his brother after all. Nice, right? Oh wait, let’s not forget she then frames Lincoln and Michael for the killing of the son of India’s Prime Minister. But why, you might be asking? It’s learned that she will profit by selling weapons technology from Scylla to both sides. The episode called “Cowboys and Indians,” we see that Michael has finally acquired Scylla, but unfortunately (or predictably) Lincoln has been taken by Christina’s security and at the same time, Sara is taken by The General. Now Michael must choose between exchanging Scylla for either Sara’s life or Lincoln’s. Which will he choose?

You’ll have to watch the series finale, airing May 15th at 9pm/8PM CST on Fox.

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