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Pushing Daisies Season 2 Episode Six Recap

Pushing Daisies may be struggling a bit in the ratings, but as far as I’m concerned the show is great and I hope it continues to stay on the air. In the most recent episode, The half brothers Maurice and Ralston beg Ned to come to their magic show, but Ned’s father ruined the art for Ned since his dad used to do fabulous tricks as well, until of course he disappeared. He gets over it, however, and Ned goes to see the “Two for the Show” performance. They open up for the Great Herrman, who is played by Fred Willard. Unfortunately Herrman’s assistants have been dying a lot recently (his assistants are animals, as an important note). Unfortunately soon after, the Great Herrman messes up a trick of his own, and he doesn’t make it out alive from his Cementia act.

So who’s responsible? One of two suspects, Emerson’s assistant (human), Alexandria, was all bitter because he had promised her an act of her own for going on eight years but had never delivered on that promise, and the Geek, because he was jealous of the twins magical prowess. After a rather lengthy search for the Great’s corpse, Ned finds him, brings him back to find out what happened, and then re-kills him again. The answer? The Geek rigged the trick so that Herrman would get buried in the “Conjurer’s Castle” basement forever.

Dwight Dixon, ever an enigma, has also returned. He used to work for Ned’s dad and Chuck’s dad too, apparently, and he’s after Chuck’s dad’s pocket watch. He heads over to a visit with Vivian and Lily to see where it is. After getting hte information he wants (the pocket watch is buried with their niece/daughter), Vivian schedules a date with Dwight, who then later on goes to retrieve said pocket watch from the grave. Unfortunately, once he gets there, there’s nothing in the coffin. Ned and Olive also arrange a way for Chuck to get some answers from her mother who she recently found. Olive and Lily do some er, roleplaying to do just that.

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