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Quickflix Review

Quickflix is Australia’s most-used online DVD rental service and since its debut in 2004, the company has handled more than 65,000 customers and mailed more than 6 million DVDs. The company has the largest range of DVD’s including documentaries, TV series and feature length films. In total there are more than 38,000 titles available and over 500 being added each month.

The DVD rental packages are extremely competitive with four options including ye olde three DVDs out-at-a-time plan for $36.93 per month. Customers have a chance to save 5% if you prepay for three months worth of this package, which ends up being $105.25.

Like other mail order rental services, Quickflix offers prepaid envelopes through a partnership with Australia post to deliver DVDs to anywhere in the country that has a postal code. Quickflix has built five distribution centers, located in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide, so DVD turnaround time is reduced no matter your location. These centers have shipped over three million DVDs to more than 65,000 households across Australia. Customers normally receive DVD rentals within two days.

The company’s “Unlimited” package is $29.95 AUD with only two movies out at a time. Other packages have a short cap attached to its usage. The “Movie Lovers” package only allows three DVDs out at a time with a cap at only 10 rentals a month for $26.95 AUD. Other packages include the “Weekender” (two movies out with a cap of eight a month) at $19.95 AUD, the “Casual” plan (two out at a time, limited to four a month) for $14.95 AUD and finally, the “Occasional” plan, which gives two at a time twice a month.


  • Finding hard-to-find and obscure films and TV shows will be easier at Quickflix than a walk-in store. A must for art-house or independent film lovers.
  • DVDs and Blu-rays generally arrive to customers within two days when quantities are available.
  • An online community feel with reviews, trailers and user comments.
  • No late fees. Keep your movie as long as you want.
  • Wide range of available rental plans to choose from.
  • Easy to use interface online, which features the ability to queue movies. If one title is unavailable, the next release will be sent.
  • Competitive pricing against rival Bigpond along with a wider selection.
  • Quickflix offers a two week free trial. From time to time, the company will also have a two unlimited use trial for only $5 AUD.
  • Big discounts are also available if you sign up for a six or twelve month contract,


  • No streaming of movies
  • Though the prices are competitive in the rental industry in Australia, they are higher than norms elsewhere especially taking into consideration their level of plans. Their “Unlimited” plan only allows two out at a time while other rental leaders allow three.
  • While the selection of older movies is great, many customers feel that their price plans are high, and local video stores offer cheaper alternatives when it comes to new releases.
  • Quantities are very limited. Many customers have expressed grief over long delays they may have and about the lack of copies for popular titles. Users are advised to keep a queue of at least 20 features.
  • Turnaround time can be an issue. If one mail’s back two discs, it can be days before the next batch arrives at your door. Plan in advance if you want your movies for an event.

Quickflix appears to have quality-level customer service. The online ordering system is very easy to navigate and reserving DVDs on both the traditional format and Blu-ray is an easy process.

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