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Real Chance at Love Season 2 Finale Recap

Real and Chance came back to VH1 to find their “Stallionettes”. Do you think they were able to do it this season?

Seventeen women competed in a series of challenges for a shot at dating siblings Ahmad and Kamal Givens, aka former contestants Real and Chance of “I Love New York.” It’s definitely been a dramatic season, full of fights, drunken episodes, and other typical VH1 dating show shenanigans.

In the end though, Chance was able to whittle it down to his final two: Hot Wings and Mamacita. Real was having a bit harder time, so he took the final three to Miami with them. Pocahontas, Sassy, and Doll were waiting to find out which one would be going home. But first, Real wanted to see who was really keeping it real with him from day one.

So out he busted the audition tapes. He was not so pleasantly surprised to learn that Pocahontas hadn’t been entirely truthful and Doll apparently was into his brother at first. Tying to determine which was the greater sin, Real decided that he couldn’t look past the lies Poca told and out she went.

After the dates, Real and Chance both seemed to be a bit conflicted. They both seemed to make pretty different but interesting connections (as far as reality television love goes) with the girls.

In the end, two had to go home. So, who do you think said bye to Real and Chance and hello to a chance at their own shot at a VH1 reality show?

Sassy and Mamacita, of course.

In the end, Chance chose Hot Wings and Real chose Doll. We can only wish them much love and happiness, but the fact of the matter is, it’s highly likely that they are already broken up by now and filming “Real Chance at Love 3”.

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