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Real Superpass Review

From the people who brought you the RealPlayer software comes the Real Superpass, a streaming entertainment offering from Real Networks. Not just a movie download service, Real Superpass provides access to a multitude of other content including d-free Internet radio, music downloads, game downloads, digital photo prints and virus protection. Available worldwide provided you have an acceptable credit card, Real Superpass also works with your iPod and provides CD/DVD burn technology for all those MC Hammer songs you’ll be jamming to. Yet, despite the plethora of media options in the player, the lack of content may be an issue for movie lovers along with its “computer only” streaming.


  • Free copy of RealPlayer Plus, which is normally at a high cost. Be warned. If you cancel, the player is reduced to the basic version.
  • Real Superpass offers a 14-day free trial to learn the ins and outs of the media player.
  • Watch & listen to the latest news, sports, music & entertainment through 3,200 radio stations, over 300 of which are ad-free.
  • 10 free song downloads a month worth $10 via their Rhapsody network. Downloaded songs are yours to keep.
  • Download one game monthly from Real Network’s RealArcade. Each game is yours to keep.
  • Use the player to edit and arrange digital photos. Real Superpass also provides video storage and printing.
  • Mainstream music and entertainment including BBC News, iFilm and SportingNews
  • The player supports widely used formats such as an audio CD, MP3 and MPEG.
  • Compatible with most MP3 players including iPods.
  • Live feed to the CBS’ Big Brother house
  • # The plan includes renowned anti-virus software McAfee VirusScan. The software protects against viruses, spyware and pesky online ads.


  • Real Network’s site does a terrible job explaining what the Real Superpass is and what customers can get out of it. The homepage carries a lot of transfer links to other sites where it should explain what kind of movies they offer along with other media services like its line of music.
  • The movie selection stinks. Reminiscent of YouTube and their line of films, Real Network’s movies are mostly independent features, documentaries and obscure or “classic” titles. If you are looking for new releases from mainstream studios, you won’t be happy with this service.

The service might be worth a look for music fans since for a low price of $14.99, users can score $10 worth of songs (in effect, it’s $4.99 a month to use their swank player), but for movie fans, this simply isn’t a good deal. Also, the usual problem with online-based media portals is that they are contained to the computer. That is still true for this plan, which forces all content through its player. If you like watching movies and news on your computer, then that might be fine. However, because of the cost, your return on your investment may feel less than desirable; especially considering free sources of entertainment like Hulu.

For movie buffs, if Real Superpass is appealing but the cost and lack of releases is a deal breaker, you might want to try iTunes. For the cost of a month of service with Real Superpass, you can download a few songs along with a popular movie or two.

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