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Reasons To Give Modern Family A Try

I was just channel surfing the other day, unsure of what to watch.  My friend has been harping on me to watch the new sitcom Modern Family on ABC.  Finally, with nothing else satiating my television appetite, I gave it a shot.  It did help that Julie Bowen’s character was on the screen talking.  For those who might not know, Modern Family is an ABC comedy produced by Fox Television (try and figure that one out…).  There are many recognizable faces and names in the cast, which brings an instant respectability to it on the surface.  But while it might be an all-star cast, it still has to measure up to normal comedic standards.

The show features actors like Ed O’Neill, Julie Bowen, and Sofia Vergara.  The show’s characters are intertwined in a complicated fashion, thus the show is aptly named Modern Family.  There is a gay couple who just adopted a Vietnamese baby, whom one of the parents is Ed O’Neills’s son.  It would be too confusing to diagram who is related to who here, but the show is still in its infancy and is still developing its characters.  The show has been recently renewed by ABC for a second season, which will sure to bring more laughs next year.

Basically, the show revolves around three different but related families. Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill), his daughter Claire (Bowne), and his son Mitchell.  Like any dysfunctional yet normal family, they get together around the neighborhood for family bonding and functions.  The pilot episode is full of laughs, especially when they gay couple introduces their new Vietnamese son to the family.  When they first introduce him, they dim the lights and hold him up to the ceiling as the Lion King soundtrack plays.  It is that type of corny, but utterly hilarious scene that will draw people in, making them coming back for more.

Along with having a solid foundation when it comes to casting, there are also some great guest stars like Shelley Long (Cheers), Ed Norton, and Elizabeth banks.  Benjamin bratt and Chazz Palminteri also make an appearance and in the episode I just watched, Minnie Driver guest starred.  Their ability to bring in big name guest stars not only enhances the shows, but also shows a goofiness that the families have.  Each family has the normal kook, drunk, funnyman, spoiling grandmother, etc.  Modern Family harnesses those traits and translated them to a modern day sitcom.  And for that, the show is critically acclaimed, receiving  rave reviews from Entertainment Weekly, Metacritic, and Time.  It has also been compared to Arrested Development and The Office for its mockumentary-style set-up.

All in all, not only will I set up the DVR to catch the episodes, but I will probably buy the first episodes that I’ve missed on iTunes.  The numerous cast members might cause people to shy away from the show, making them think that it’s confusing to keep track, but that’s what a family is all about.  Family is all about crazy things that happen and seemingly mundane events turning out to be bombshells.  From here on out, I will be tuning in to this hilarious show.

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