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Reflections on the Revision3 Layoffs

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short review on Rev3. I wondered aloud about the future for the Internet Television network, and now at least part of that future has happened. About a week and a half ago,  Rev3 cut ties with a large number of their core team. Sarah Lane, Martin Sargent, Jay Speiden, Glenn Mcelhose, and Heather Frank were all let go in a move both unpopular and potentially troubling for the Network. Many fans across the internets have spoken up about the move, most of them very unhappy about the change. There’s no word yet about where these guys will land, but we know they’ll end up somewhere they can be appreciated and allowed to grow.

I never really got into Pop Siren, but I did watch at least every few weeks. It was polished, highly professional and informative, and maybe just not my cup of tea. Without a doubt, Sarah Lane is one of the most talented ladies on the internets. I hope to see her producing again soon, I actually loved the Rev 3 Gazette, and hope she ends up doing something with that same live feeling.

Hippy Glenn, it is reported, will continue to work on Diggnation, just in a freelance capacity. This is comforting since he’d become quite a character. The guys would involve him in the show, and it added to feeling that this was a couple guys on a couch, not an overly polished mainstream ad magnet.

I never really saw much of Heather Frank, but what I did see said she had class and taste.

This leads me to the saddest part of the whole thing. Martin Sargent and Jay Speiden. Those guys make me laugh harder than crotch punches or goats licking electric fences. I’m really sad to see WebDrifter go away. I really hope it will be born anew on another network. I’m not going to try to get all deep about the meaning and profundity of the shows these guys were responsible for, but there was more to it than just laughs. Both WebDrifter and Internet Superstar did a little more than just point the all seeing eye of the internets back in on itself. It made the internet just like the rest of culture. Full of weirdos and workers, average joes and geniuses. These two shows, and especially WebDrifter are exactly the type of programming people would watch on conventional television. It’s a highlight reel of the most extreme parts of the web. It’s Dirty Jobs, The Deadliest Catch, and To Catch a Predator, mixed into one way safer, way more friendly and geeky, way less felonious bag full of giggles. I never thought it was possible to subtract from the Internet, that it grew exponentially every minute of every day. Well a big hunk of goodness was lopped off the side today, and it remains to be seen if we’ll ever get it back.

I’m going to personally stop watching all Rev3 shows for a while, except archived episodes of Web Drifter and Internet Superstar. I hope you’ll all join me. 

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One Response to “Reflections on the Revision3 Layoffs”
Joe Speiden - January 19th, 2009 at 10:13 pm

Hello Dominick, Incredibly, I have just read your opinion piece today,and wanted to write and say thanks for being an insightful and loyal fan of Jay’s, Martin’s and Sarah’s work on Internet Superstar and Webdrifter. A large following in Louisville KY. thinks like you do, and we hope that these three will grace (maybe not the right word) another network which thinks out of the box and recognizes real talent in a developing media. Thanks again and keep being refreshingly ahead of the curve.

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