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Renewals and Cancellations Recap

When it comes to primetime TV, it’s a rather cut throat environment and the playing field is constantly changing. There’s been plenty of new shows that showed promise but never brought in viewers, and still others that I thought sounded particularly stupid but turned out to be successful. With that in mind, there’s been some recent shakeups concerning popular shows out there, so it’s important to keep abreast of the situation of your favorite series is on the chopping block.

I was fairly surprised to see that NBC recently announced it’ll be pulling “My Own Worst Enemy” already, given that the show hasn’t had all that much time to build up a fan base. Even with the “coveted” post right after the hit show Heroes, it couldn’t pull in enough viewers for NBC to be satisfied, so it gets the axe. Whether they’ll finish out this season or just pull it now and put it out of it’s misery is anyone’s guess. Apparently My Own Worst Enemy had a fairly large budget and expected to be a hit, but roll with the punches I suppose. Lipstick Jungle, which I wasn’t familiar with but apparently had been in it’s second season, has also had the plug pulled.

Surprisingly Mad TV will also be canceled after it’s 14th season. The show that was originally created to compete with Saturday Night Live showed that it was no match for the classic late night comedy this presidential election, when SNL sucked most of the ratings out of the show. It’ll finish off it’s fourteenth season, but that’ll be it.

It’s not all bad news, though. Life has proven popular enough to warrant another full season order (woo hoo!) and Privileged is up for five more episodes, too (blah). Other series that I’m not surprised to see get renewed include Intervention, Reno 911!, and the curious Sci-Fi drama, Sanctuary. It looks the Sci-Fi channel can do something besides show really bad movies and old episodes of Star Trek after all!

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