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Revision3: No Competition

Since November 2006, Revision3 has been doing it and doing it right, for the most part. Made up of a dream team of Internet Notables, they produce weekly content with a tech twist and a tendency toward the silly. They’re known mostly for Diggnation, the Digg Spinoff/Kevin Rose, Alex Albrecht Reunion. According to their Wikipedia page, they’ve only cancelled five shows, but the most recent, Social Brew, lasted only four episodes. They try hard to add an interesting cultural element to the mix but, with the exception of The Totally Rad Show, fail.

With TRS, you have a comprehensive weekly overview of movies, games, television, and comic books. These guys get into arguments, they laugh, they try new things, they don’t look as if they are trying to be any cooler (or less cool) than they actually are. It’s three guys being themselves, talking about things they enjoy, and they seem pretty humble about it. I shot an email to them at one point asking whether or not they’d ever do a book review, and Jeff Canata actually wrote back. Not only that, but we emailed back and forth a few times. While this isn’t hugely amazing, pick your favorite TV show and try to write to even the Key Grip. You’ll get a long wait and that’s about all.  Recently they’ve been trying to add more content. The Most recent three additions are produced outside Revision3 Studios. They’re essentially buying up the market. Revision3beta is a farm league for Internet TV, letting up and coming producers put their brand to the test in front of the Rev3 audience.

The most amazing part is that there isn’t a second. There is no Reddit to their Digg, no Facebook to their Myspace, no Pepsi to their Coke. Can they survive this? I don’t think so. They already have a serious flaw in that most of their content is saccharine sweet, and there is ZERO edge to the network outside Martin Sargent. WebDrifter, the best example of what you can do on and about the Internet, has been on hiatus for months. Can they survive their success? Will they ever get nasty, touchy, or raw? Will Martin Sargent ever do anything so funny as visiting a Medical Fetish store in the future? We hope the answers are, yes, yes, and yes. 

(note: since posting this, I can add a second member of the Rev3 family to the nice guys who’ve dropped me a line. We love you Martin Sargent)

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