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Rob Lowe Gushes About Parks and Recreation Role on Twitter

Rob Lowe is going to be making an appearance on Parks and Recreations and he’s not hiding how excited he is about it. Rob just joined Twitter yesterday and is already tweeting away about his guest starring role and his departure from Brothers and Sisters.

His very first tweet was a shout out to his friends at Parks and Red:

Hellooo Pawnee!! On my way to the read thru of my first ep of Parks And Recreation. Should be fun! Will let you know…

A few hours later he added:

P-Rex table reading: hilarious. Great people, great writing. Gonna be fun.

Today, he told a fan:

my character arrives on P-Rex on the last 2 eps of this season, sometime in May and then into next season in the fall.

Then, he handed the fate of his character over to his fans, asking them how they think his character should exit Brothers and Sisters:

Shooting “Brothers” today. How should my character exit? Divorce? Kidnapping? Slip on a banana and die? Need ideas, vote now!

One fan, @caseydog2212,floated the follow, “How about riding out of town in a Toyota that won’t slow down?” while @silviamarques suggestes, “Maybe he could go visit the troops in Iraq and be killed over there. Would definitely send a strong message.”

How would you kill off Lowe’s character on Brothers and Sisters? Are you sad to see him go?

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