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Roger Ebert Shopping New Show

Just one day after it was announced the syndicated series At the Movies was officially canceled, Pulitzer Prize winning critic Roger Ebert wrote on his blog that he and his wife were working on getting a new film-review show on the air.

“We believe a market still exists for a weekly show where a couple of critics review new movies,” wrote the longtime Chicago Sun-Times critic.

Ebert was forced to leave the show  in 2006 after a surgery for thyroid cancer left him unable to speak.

At the Movies’ popularity had been dwindling since the death of Ebert’s original partner, Gene Siskel, in 1999. Ebert did keep  the show going with critic Richard Roeper who continued the show after Ebert’s exit with a series of guests until 2008.  After Richard Roeper left, Ben Mankiewicz and Ben Lyons took over but the ratings plummeted, A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips gave it a try last year but didn’t do any better.

Ebert, who appeared on Oprah recently to demonstrate the computer he uses to carry on conversations, would produce the new show with is wife. While he wouldn’t regularly appear on camera, Ebert wrote in his blog that “the thumbs will return.”

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