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Ryan Jenkins father pulls out the victim blaming card.

In this absolutely horrific story, it just keeps getting sadder and sadder. After the news that Jasmine Fiore’s body had been found mutilated,  it was reported that her husband, Ryan Jenkins, a contestant on “Megan Wants to Marry a Millionaire” as well as allegedly being a contestant on “I Love Money 3,” was the suspect.

Reports out of Canada on Wednesday accuse the family of alleged killer Ryan Alexander Jenkins of helping the reallity star evade authorities during his week on the lam — and in a stunning move, Jenkins’ dad is blasting the murdered and mutilated model, who he claims “destroyed” his son.

Dan Jenkins is an accomplished Calgary architect. He defended his son in an interview with The Calgary Sun yesterday, and in a disgusting twist of victim blaming, he blasted Hollywood and Jasmine Fiore for “destroying” his son.

“He went to Hollywood and something down there in the last 4 months, including this girl, just destroyed him. I’m not at all convinced that he did this crime yet. He was terrified and alone.”

Sorry, sir. I’m not buying it. Your son commited a heinuous act. He reported her missing and then started running himself? It doesn’t add up to anyone, much less me. So why don’t you get a heart and a conscience and quit blaming the very obvious victim here: Jasmine Fiore.

In the wake of this horrific tragedy, VH1 has cancelled both “Megan Wants to Marry a Millionaire” and has decided not to air the already filmed “I Love Money 3”.

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