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Sarah Palin Reality Show

Former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been in and out of the news since her failed attempt for the White House.  But this has got to be the most ludicrous idea of them all. There is a report that Sarah Palin has been offered to do a reality show.  Both A&E and Discovery have proposed ideas of their shows, maybe one about fashion and the other how to kill a moose.  But the kicker is that the price per episode would pay her between $1-1.5 million.

The title of the show is to be called Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which is pretty vague in itself.  It could go on a storyline of how there is nothing up there except to make babies and watch the ice melt.  But these new reality shows are just killing me.  It has got to stop.  We need to stop indulging people like the Octo-Mom, John & Kate, and even Survivor for that matter.  Because of these reality shows, we are getting dumber while we watch them.  Even American Idol is pushing the limits of my patience.  The talent sucks this year.

Back to Palin, she is better than this.  If she gives in to this, then she acknowledging that she was a joke of a nomination and that Alaska and women have no place in high political offices.  It makes me sad, not only because she’s a hot mom, but that she’s got to have some smarts.  The people that are making decisions around here are idiots and need to be fired.  Get back in the Governer’s mansion and make some important decisions.  Leave the reality shows to the other losers of the world.

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